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With Euro 2012 over we are gradually seeing an increased number of signings by English Premier League Clubs. However, what are the best bits of business that have been done so far this summer? Continue reading


With the confirmation of Thiago Silva’s arrival, Ibrahimovic looks set to follow his former AC Milan team mate to join the French outfit, in what seems to be a movement to make the club a real force throughout Europe next season, as well a catalyst to drive their push to become the champions of their domestic league, as they fell just short in the previous season. Continue reading

Now that headline may not entirely be true, as a Manchester United fan I know it’ll be seen as bias, but upon watching the video below (sorry for the quality) you do feel like all those years playing in one of the best sides in the world has served Gary well on his transition to Tv pundit. The question though would be is Neville right in his summing up of what has become quite the epidemic if not in the past then most definitely this season, is diving wrong?

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