So just who are the men of the corner you say?…

Simon showing he has a child's sense of humour

Simon Bienkowski, a Scot with Irish & Polish blood . Let’s face it, his liver has as much a chance as Steve Kean getting the United job. Having lived in Ireland, America & now back in Scotland, football has been an ice breaker all over the globe for Simon. Former season ticket holder (back when he had financial help from his parents) at Celtic Park, but the Mowbray season has left damage that the best pyschologists cannot fix. His football idols are Paul Scholes, Zinedine Zidane & Stillian Petrov. In the past decade he has gone from a winger with a deadly final ball, to a centre mid with the ambition of a man on death row. Works with fellow man of the Corner Gavin Knox, and they have a 14 year friendship to boast!

Thousands of people, booze, food & booze, and he complains cause he can't get closer to see Blondie

Gavin Knox whenever not having to endure the shackles of society, spends his days living and breathing football. Is a proud Rangers season ticket holder beside his fellow man of the corner, Steven.Plays right back in your tpyical saturday football league and plays like Glen Johnson. Contributes to society through soaking up government moneyssss by studying immunology at Glasgow University and occasionally battering out a shift in govans finest McDonalds. Spent his entire life playing football, watching football, playing fm and fifa. Like any glaswegian, he is considered to enjoy a drink a little bit too much. Favourite players have to be Albertz, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes and Ronald de Boer.

Steven pays professional photographers to follow him around sometimes..

Steven Lamb, a man with an almost innate love for Rangers, as well as a soft spot for Tottenham and a weird feeling for Torquay United. He has been a loyal season ticket holder at Ibrox since 1999, and has gone that whole time without missing a single game.   When not thinking, playing, reading or talking about football, he spends his time attempting to study for his business degree in the University of Strathclyde, and earns his bacon stacking the shelves for the wonderful workplace that is Sainsburys. Favourite players include Brian Laudrup, Zinedine Zidane, Scott Parker and Davie Cooper


Mark has travelled the world as a Furby impersonator

Mark McInnes is a full time Furby impersonator and an emo, indie, dubstep, pop music enthusiast. A Manchester United fan by day and Celtic supporter by inheritance, has a strange knack of finding the most ridiculous football related videos across the t’interweb. Favourite footballing moments would be, winning the treble in 1999 (including that wonderful Champions League victory against Bayern Munich), Getting to the Uefa Cup Final in 2003 and winning the Champions League again in 2008. Favourite players of all time include Zinedine Zidane, Eric Cantona, Ryan Giggs, Henrik Larsson and Peter Schmeichel.