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After the Scotland u19 and u21s team both lost on Tuesday, the pressure was on the main squad to deliver some kind of national pride.
That they did as Scotland brushed the horrible defeat to USA off their backs with a 3-1 win over Australia .
After a freak set of events the Socceroos took the lead through a phenomenal strike by Bresciano gave the visitors the lead. The goal itself was a clear hit and could not be contested. The lead to the goal was a different matter.

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In 1957, taking in bonuses, wages and international match fees, a footballers income for the year would be £1,600 on average. Fast forward 55 years and compare it to the average in the Premier League in 2012, £75,000 a week is the rough average, with this average falling due to promoted teams in the league not being able to offer mammoth wages. Continue reading

Top Ten Goalkeepers In The World

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26 years ago Sir Alex Ferguson stepped into the unknown. He never quite knew that the club he would take over in 1986 would turn into such a world force that is Manchester United. Little did he know about the success he would have, he would go on to say he wanted 1 trophy and then he could see where that brought him.

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I will be looking at which European club managers in my opinion have the potential to be sacked first in the upcoming season. These are in no particular order; Continue reading

Following the mammoth double signing PSG have made in the last week with the backing of their Qatar based owners in the form of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Thiago Silva, both of AC Milan, we will look at whether they make it into the top 10 football transfers of all time, and whether these signings have justified their price tag. With the transfer market having a reputation for producing inflated prices for footballers in recent times, the club splashed out £33 million on the Brazilian defender, whilst spending around £31 million on the Swedish striker, who made his second big money move in recent times, following his well talked about transfer to Barcelona a few seasons ago.  Continue reading

 As the new season creeps upon us, we are taking a look at 10 young talents that could make a big impact on the football world this year. Continue reading

The fate of Rangers was finally decided this morning after a meeting of the SFL clubs at Hampden. Continue reading

Once again International football takes front seat in the global game. I say this after a less than savoury World Cup in 2010 did not capture the imagination of its viewers. It had been relegated in favour of Domestic competition where a drama filled season in the English and Spanish leagues as well as an equally entertaining Champions League campaign proved the benchmark. Continue reading

Today Stuart Pearce announced the Team GB squad of 18 which will compete in the Olympics which start later in the month. Continue reading