There are many self proclaimed ‘in the know’ agents on Twitter, the social medium in which news seems to be leaked before anyone else knows, and they seem to have got another Arsenal signing correct in the form of Alex Song, just days after Robin Van Persie switched allegiances.
Whenever transfer talk is discussed amongst friends, the underlying issue where Arsenal are concerned is that they keep shifting their best players year after year, who have often gone to win trophies elsewhere. The ingredients for a title or cup winning team is evident in the top teams throughout England, with a spine of the team present, in Manchester United’s case, it would be the likes of Giggs, Rooney and Ferdinand, whilst in recent times, it has been captain Vincent Kompany, Yaya Toure and David Silva for Manchester City. This is something Arsenal have lacked for a good few years, with the last notable spine probably being Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Sol Campbell in the season they went unbeaten, and their success that season just goes to show how important a core is to their team. Yet Arsenal keep losing their best players, and up until this transfer window, have looked to replace them with raw or unproven talent.

Shortly after the Fabregas saga where he moved back to Barcelona, many fans joked that Arsenal were merely acting as a feeder club for the ‘bigger’ forces in football swooping in and taking their best players. From then to now, the issue has become more serious, with influential members of the squad now departing the club, with Van Persie, Nasri and Alex Song being a few of the notable names. Although some of the players have expressed their desire to leave in search of trophies, Arsene Wenger can be criticised for simply not trying hard enough to keep hold of these players, as these key names would be Arsenal’s best chance of a trophy.

In recent times where players move clubs for ridiculous transfer fees, many clubs and fans, myself included, would admire the business side to Arsenal, especially with the heavy profits they have made from their top players, but in a football sense, the recent mantra has been that even though logic says that buying efficiently will suffice, occasionally spending big can have an astronomical effect, and bring success to the club, with Didier Drogba and Sergio Aguero being good examples of this. Alex Song looks the latest player to leave Arsenal for Spanish giants Barcelona, and once again Arsenal will profit hugely financially, but it is yet another player they have offloaded to their competition (although they are Spanish, there is a possibility of Arsenal drawing them in the Champions League). This has been the recent theme in Arsenal’s offloaded players in recent time, with Ashley Cole moving across London to Chelsea in 2006. Since then, Adebayor, Kolo Toure, Clichy and Samir Nasri have switched allegiances from Arsenal to Manchester City, whilst Robin Van Persie has left for Manchester United, with the clubs being two of Arsenal’s main competitors in the Premier League.

On the other hand, Arsenal may finally be learning their lesson in the signings the club have made this summer, with Podolski, Giroud and Santi Cazorla being brought to the club, adding experience as well as complete talent to the club in order to push for a trophy in their time at Arsenal. If Wenger can continue to blood his youngsters and mix them with the steel of players already at the club, and bring in one or two ‘complete product’ footballers season after season, Arsenal could very easily compete for the main trophies. Creating a core to their team will prove to be the blueprint for success, but this is only possible if the club keep hold of their best players, which is quickly becoming a big problem for Arsenal.

What signings do you believe Arsenal need to start competing for the main trophies once again? Share your views in the comments underneath or through my twitter account.

Dharmesh Tank