Speculation has surrounded the future of Robin Van Persie throughout the transfer window, with a number of clubs chasing the prolific Arsenal hitman.
It was confirmed today August 16th 2012, that Manchester United had come out with the Strikers signature.

In a reported £22m transfer The Red Devils have now spent in the region of £44m so far.
The question is can RVP fit in and replicate his Arsenal form.

With 96 League goals in his Arsenal career, 30 of which came last season, he has shown he has the ability to make a big difference.

Who will he partner upfront?

Wayne Rooney, the Striker bagged 27 League goals last season, 129 in his United career so far. To have RVP and Rooney together on paper would suggest an incredibly lethal partnership indeed. Although one thing that may bring a smile to the face of Manchester City fans is, in 4 Premier League games neither Striker managed to score against City last season.

Javier Hernandez, the young Mexican managed 10 League goals last season in 28 games and has netted 23 in his first two seasons at Old Trafford, not a prolific goal scorer but a very dangerous player, may well suit RVP well due to Hernandez providing plenty of service to his strike partner.

Danny Welbeck, with 9 goals in 30 games last season Welbeck isn’t really a contender to be a regular partner to RVP or Rooney, he is only 21 and is a very talented player. The reason I have included him is because he has the chance to learn from both Rooney and RVP, so we may well se him partnering both up front in a few games to help develop his own style of play.

Now we can see the potential within the Strike force at united but we must also ask, what formation will Sir Alex Ferguson apply, Rooney and Van Persie play similar styles, both drop deep and both will run in behind the opposition defensive line, they also both score from similar positions on the pitch. So let’s have a look at some options.

The classic English formation favoured by most teams. This is a tried and trusted tactic, it would favour having one left footed and one right footed Striker just like Rooney and Van Persie. The downside is who will be the one to drop deep, as they both like to play this style it could create a clash.

With a Center Forward sitting behind the main Striker this could be the best choice for Sir Alex, Rooney has already shown he can play the Center Forward role very well. It also enables Van Persie to adopt a similar role to the one he had at Arsenal, as a lone Striker. The downfall, Rooney will surely have a reduced goal tally due to being more of a playmaker.

This is my personal favourite, as with this formation there are more options, for example Hernandez and Van Persie partner up front with Just behind them, or Rooney partner Van Persie in a wide front two with Shinji Kagawa just behind. This formation offeres the option to adapt and change quickly without using subs.

For the final answer we will just have to wait and see.
In the meantime United fans will be wondering if RVP will do the business at his new home.

All I know is we as football fans will be in for a thrilling season, that no doubt will be faught right down to the very last whistle.

Once again, thank you for reading.

By Lee Holness