The football boots for anyone who enjoys the beautiful game.
The new stud layout provides anti shock meaning that when you challenge in the air and land, you are not left with tingling feet or a numb sensation that will affect your game. The studs are also perfectly designed throughout your foot to provide brilliant stability and traction in play.
The 11Pro boots are defined to the last stitching to provide stability, yet excellent flexibility. The leather used provides low water uptake, fantastic durability, and extreme comfort with a goalkeeper glove – like fit.
Adidas went in a new direction with this boot and made it very modern, with just a few classic features attached. The tight fit in the middle section provides a similar feel to running boots, or ‘speed boots’. The change of leather ,from kangaroo leather to Taurus lower calf leather, mixed with new synthetic material means that unlike a lot of boots there is a small period of ‘break in’ time. The synthetic material helps to clamp to your feet providing a tighter fit.
The shoes are extremely light weighing only 8.02 oz although they are specifically designed to weigh less; they are not jaw droopingly light like Vapors.
The biggest change I felt with these boots is the soleplate. Usually Adidas have very firm soleplates and slightly tough leather. This boot has a very soft soleplate which has its advantages and its disadvantages. The flexible, softer soleplate means that your movement will seem more natural and your feet determine your step, and not the boots choosing where your feet go. The downside is that this makes the boot feel slightly long and it can catch you off at times – although this is only a problem whilst getting used to the boots.
The instep of the boot is made of synthetic material and helps your touch and provides good cushion. Having said that I would prefer if the middle tier of the boot was made with leather also as it is the ‘busiest’ part of the boot.
For a light boot, the protection is very good. Never do you feel the boots are too soft and you could get hurt, instead the light weight quality mixed with the padded protection is a wonderful blend for a modern footballer.
The Adidas adiNova 11proare great for passing. Every cross or long pass is automatically equipped with curve and spin. It is not all about spin as the front of the boot is very straight that it allows power and accuracy for shooting.
Overall the Adidas adiNova 11pro are a great boot and Adidas have done a good job with making modern boots whilst keeping some small but key details from their classic collection.

By Simon Bienkowski