There have been new doubts about the Rangers Newco entering the Scottish 3rd Division as the SFA want to impose the transfer ban that was originally placed on the ‘oldco’ . What’s the issue? Well the Newco currently don’t have any players tied down to contracts. Rangers were liquidated last month and were replaced in Scottish football’s premier league by Dundee , with Airdrie replacing Dundee and Stranraer replacing Airdrie in Division 2. After long debates and meeting after meeting,  representatives from each of the  Scottish football league clubs decided that Rangers’ Newco should join the bottom rung of the Scottish football ladder.
The past few months have without a doubt been the worst ever time as to be a Rangers fan and there has been yet another hurdle.
Just as it seemed that everything was eventually sorted and  over, there has been yet another hurdle placed in front of the club.
The Oldco were given a £100,000 fine and a transfer ban for “putting the game into disrepute” . As the Oldco are no longer about to serve the ban or pay the fine ,  the SFA are saying that the Newco will have to take on the sanctions.
With no players at the new club a transfer ban would mean that they would not be able to field any players in the third division. Surely that would put the game into disrepute in itself? Talks will be held early next week between Charles Green and the SFA to talk to matter over.
A logical solution will most likely be reached allowing Rangers Newco to sign players in the next few weeks before their ban begins. Having said that, the word ‘logical’ is one you would refrain from using to describe Scottish football and the SFA.

By Simon Bienkowski