With John Terry receiving a Not Guilty verdict in him race trial on Friday many questions must be asked regarding the conclusion and verdict given.

Let us rewind to 31st December 2011, the F.A release their findings in the Luis Suarez – Patrice Evra race row. Within this report The F.A states that Suarez has “damaged the image of English football around the world”.

The incident report written by Marriner details the allegations made by Patrice Evra, using notes hand written by Dowd, Which were later thrown away.

Suarez receives an 8 match ban and £40,000 fine after being found guilty.

Fast forward to 13th July 2012, John Terry leaves the courts with a not guilty verdict, in a case that boasted more evidence.

Is this a clear showing of favouritism towards the England Man?

Would it have been different had it been against Rio Ferdinand rather than Anton?

Given the similarities in both cases, it could easily look like the verdicts are leaning towards being prejudice.

Surely Terry deserved punishment for his actions; I agree that John Terry is not a racist. But at that moment in time he was. On that note I believe Luis Suarez is not a racist. But at that moment he also was.

It clearly looks like one player has been condemned and made an example of to discourage the incident from happening again, then when it does happen again this time involving an England International, the verdict is one that appears to brush the incident aside to save face.

These of cause are my views on the matter.


Please share your views with me on this controversial matter.


By Lee Holness
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