The fate of Rangers was finally decided this morning after a meeting of the SFL clubs at Hampden.


Out of the 30 clubs, 25 voted to send the Ibrox club down to the bottom of Scottish Football, this came after they were granted entry into the SFL.

But this decision could spell disaster for Scottish Football further down the line.                                With the absence of the “Old Firm” Derby, T.V revenue and Sponsorship funding will surely take a big hit.

With many people agreeing that the SPL will become a one horse race, T.V companies will likely be reluctant to televise games due to “lack of competition” within the league.

The SPL, SFL and SFA have tried to combat any detrimental effects this decision could bring by issuing a complete re-form of Scottish Football, including increasing the SPL to 14 clubs, with the possibility of adding a further 2 clubs at a later date.

Restructure of the lower leagues along with a re-think on the distribution of monies is also suggested.

But will this be enough to ensure that Scottish Football isn’t damaged beyond repair by such a well loved and historical club being forced to begin their footballing journey from the bottom.

With losses estimated to be around £16 million, it will need to be the greatest re-structuring the football world has seen, this kind of money is not recovered easily.

Would it have been a better decision to allow Rangers to return to the SPL?

For the future of Scottish Football. Yes. For just punishment then no.

Clearly not an easy decision to make and I do not envy the club chairmen that had to vote on this decision.

There will no doubt be debates for months surrounding the issue and there will be no way to keep everyone happy. But ultimately we can all agree that punishment was warranted and the correct method was used to come to the final decision, regardless if we agree with it or not.


By Lee Holness