Today Stuart Pearce announced the Team GB squad of 18 which will compete in the Olympics which start later in the month. The squad has been made up of 5 Welshmen including Ryan Giggs , Craig Bellamy  & the young talent who seems to murder famous and infamous people with every goal he scores, Aaron Ramsey. Champions League winner Ryan Bertrand who started the game in Munich is also included in the squad and is alongside the 13 other Englishmen.
The more obvious choices in the squad are Daniel Sturridge, Tom Cleverly & Micah Richards. The squad selection is off.  No David Beckham, the man who is hugely responsible for helping bring the Olympics to London. The man is a footballing icon, he brought the games here and is at the final chapter in his footballing career. Surely having Beckham in this team would be more apt that anything else? The man was originally meant to be a feature of the opening ceremony for crying out loud! I’ll ignore the reasons for Beckham being left out for now as I have a bigger bone to pick.
Why have no Scottish players been selected? James Forrest of Celtic has been a wonderful young talent ever since he burst onto the scene two years ago . The emerging force that is Jordan Rhodes should have also been in for a shout.  Another option being Steven Fletcher.  The Scot had a great season with Wolves, who themselves had a terrible season and that is something easier said than done.
I don’t even have  Scottish tinted glasses on when I say that Fletcher or Rhodes would be an outright better option that Marvin Sordell of Bolton. Who? Yes, exactly. Who?
Stuart Pearce has put his massive ego before anything else here and has picked a squad with odd choices because he can and because he ‘knows best’.
No Scottish players in the Team GB squad means for me , that I won’t bother watching or even paying the smallest amount of attention to anything to do with it. I was already against Team GB but would support the Scots in the squad.The exclusion of them has been the final nail in the coffin of my interest in Team GB. I can only hope that they lose every game and that opposition fans chant Fletcher in a “Messi” to Ronaldo way.
I haven’t even mentioned the fact that no players from Nothern Ireland have got in either.  The system is just a mess if it doesn’t require players from all four nations. As thought, the squad is just an England plus guests squad and for that reason I hope they get pumped!
Any chance of Team GB being a success and  something for us to back has gone out the window. Of course the English and Welsh will back them and good for them. I’m happy for you.
We will stick to our pre season friendlies in Arbroath drinking bovril , thank you very much.

By Simon Bienkowski