Where now for Chelsea?
After a nail biting victory on penalties against Bayern Munich on their own ground , the club have finally got what they want and have won the Champions League. The victory in Germany was iconic and the sheer desperation to win and ability to hang in there and stay focused on winning was brilliant to see. I usually support any team playing Chelsea but for the sake of their own career’s , I was delighted to see the servants to the club -who have all had multiple chances to walk away- be rewarded with the biggest prize in club soccer. This was made even better by Didier Drogba scoring the winning penalty with what could be his final touch of a ball after his 7 year stay in the west of London.
Interim boss Roberto DiMatteo was expected to handle damage limitation while the search for a new boss was to be carried out. Winning the FA Cup and the Champions League have put his name on the top of the list for the job for the fans although Russian billionaire owner,  Roman Abramovich , hardly looked over the moon that Di Matteo had actually won the cup because it means he will almost have to give him the job now as he probably had someone else lined up.
It may sound daft but Abramovich  has waited since 2003 for the club to do one thing – win the Champions League. Now that the club has done it, and he has spent more than a billion pounds on doing so, we may see the Russian pursue other interests in life and leave London. Finding a buyer might prove more difficult now that Chelsea are no longer the power house that they once were. If he is to leave one thing is for certain, he has and will make sure it is left in more than capable hands and in a decent condition as he has love for the club I’m sure fans don’t quite understand.
As I touched on before, DiMatteo is now the fans choice for the vacant job but after what the team has achieved under him, it looks like he is on course for the job. Andre Villas-Boas left the club in a poor way before leaving and dropping club legends like Frank Lampard seemed like a way for the young manager to display his authority. The players simply did not like him. So for DiMatteo who has been in the background since June of last year after an unsuccessful application to manage Birmingham City. When he got the job , he brought in the fans favourites and as he was voted in the Greatest Chelsea XI of all time himself, it was rather easy for him to motivate the players who got on with already as before they hardly spoke to the manager. It seems like DiMatteo has gone back to basics and brought back a confidence in the players and when one thing goes right, it creates a snowball effect especially after the club was down in its lowest period for years. This is what makes me doubt DiMatteo for the job. He seems like he has been a successful hype man rather than a candidate for the job. Whatever happens to DiMatteo nobody can knock what he achieved and if Abramovich doesn’t stick with him then I fully understand the reasons why and wish him the best in wherever he goes next.
The future of Didier Drogba is still to be confirmed but it looks like he might leave & closely behind him could be Fernando Torres who has been rather critical of the way the club have treated him and was very annoyed and upset about not being picked to start the Champions League final as he has never felt so good about his form in his life.
Many signings will need to made this summer but with the manager still to be confirmed and the owner with the possibility of leaving  there is a lot to be sorted this summer at Chelsea.
One thing is for sure – If Chelsea want to stand any chance of staving a claim at defending their title, making the top 4 or even challenging the Manchester clubs for the title then things need to get sorted and get sorted quick. Money has to be spent, something Abramovich is happy to do and may be more happy to do it now more than ever… if he stays.
By Simon Bienkowski