In a 22-year playing career, he played for two clubs, Celtic and Liverpool, winning numerous honours with both. He is Scotland’s most capped player, with 102 appearances, and joint leading goal scorer, with 30 international goals and was voted the best post war striker in British football by Four Four Two. He is also in both the Scottish & English hall of fames, I am of course speaking of Kenny Dalglish.

He is Liverpool royalty and the Kop were ecstatic about his appointment in May 2011 after replacing the now England manager Roy Hodgson – it’s a funny old game.
In his first full season in charge he has taken Liverpool to 2 cup finals, winning one of them with the other on Saturday against Champions League finalists Chelsea.
The club find themselves below their city neighbours after a loss at home to Fulham last night which takes the Cottagers on the same number as points as Liverpool.

Fulham one of many clubs to win at Anfield this season

West Brom managed by Roy Hodgson won at Anfield last week too, which means they are now 3 points off Liverpool as well.  As one person on Twitter joked, “This is Liverpool , don’t forget your 3 points on the way out”
Things are looking very different from the days of Luis Garcia scoring a wonder goal against Juventus or that miraculous comeback in Istanbul – something that is often used as a defence mechanism by Liverpool fans when you question their lack of success.
The £30 million spent on Andy Carroll, the £20 million spent on Henderson and the same price on Stuart Downing, who has failed to create any goals this season are all symbolic of recent Liverpool. The money & backing is there, but the wrong people are on the pitch and dugout.
Dalglish may be royalty to Liverpool but his time has come. Since the new year, Liverpool have lost 4 matches at home and a remarkable 6 on the road. The only reason, and this is just my stab at it, the Liverpool fans would still have faith in Dalglish is for one of two reasons.

Suarez can't do everything by himself

First reason for delusion – they can’t accept the fact that the man who single handedly brought home European titles for them cannot win home matches to average sides  so instead they are so deep in defending him that they start to believe their own nonsense.
The second reason – Wins over Everton , a Carling Cup victory and an FA cup Final. They have won the ‘blockbuster’ matches for the season. It’s just a simple case that they lose every other match they play in. Well not quite as bad as that but hey, they have been poor.
So is it delusion over King Kenny’s status at Liverpool or is it because they still have pride and dignity over what they have achieved? Either way, if they want to hear any jaw dropping You’ll Never Walk Alone’s before  a Champions League clash then they best head up to Celtic because with Dalglish in charge it doesn’t look like that will be happening any time soon.
And yes , I do only point out that they are missing on the Champions League because under Benitez the unhappy fans at the club were ruffled by the success in Europe but lack of it in a title race – now they have neither.
Be it bad luck , spending £60 million on a championship player and 2 average premiership players, appointment of the wrong manager or simple denial that Dalglish is not doing a good job, if Liverpool want change the manager would have to be one of the first to go.
The only way out for Dalglish is for him to resign. The board are rather new and are hit and miss with the fans and sacking a club legend would  drive them out of Liverpool ( if their wheels haven’t already been nicked).
Another option would to let Dalglish appoint  someone to manage the team and he could take  a back seat in it all. Allow a more hands on coach who is not delicate about the club to make sure the players know when they are poor. The club is rife with passion through Dalglish, Gerrard & Carragher but maybe what they need is a loud voice who isn’t there to make friends.

Whatever the option the board take, there has to be one this summer. If it upsets the fans – fine, but maybe one day they will see it was for the benefit of the club.

By Simon Bienkowski
Follow him on Twitter @simonbien