Italy Under 21 and Livorno midfielder Piermario Morosini has died in hospital after suffering a cardiac arrest during his team’s Serie B match at Pescara. The 25-year-old collapsed on the pitch in the 31st minute and was treated on the pitch before being rushed to hospital.

A day filled with Grand Nationals and Cup semi finals. A day that has seen Charlton promoted and Doncaster relegated & mixed emotions across the board.
All this is irrelevant today – today football has seen yet another tragedy.
The players on the pitch watched as a fellow professional , a friend, a face they say day in day out went without a goodbye.
Speaking after the match Danilo Iannascoli, Escara’s general manager, said: ‘He looked at me in the eyes when he was taken into the ambulance. We are living through a drama.’
All matches in Italy’s top two divisions will be postponed due to this shocking news and it goes without saying that all our thoughts are with the family of Piermario Morosini.
As footballers are pushed to new fitness levels and sports science increases in knowledge and thresholds are broken every week, it is time to call for increases on health checks. I’am sure that the physios and medical teams at each club are doing the best job they can and in lots of cases, unless specially tested, heart problems are not easy to detect. However in the modern game with money flowing everywhere, it should be compulsory that heart checks are done to footballers and athletes in of top calibre.
Fabrice Muamba was lucky enough to survive his heart attack and is still in hospital recovering, but not all are as ‘lucky’ as that. A week later, a player in Africa died on the pitch due to a heart attack, and now Piermario has passed away.
It is obviously a coinsidence that all 3 happen so soon but that is one of the huge worries – it could happen any time.
I believe that FIFA need to make it compulsary that heart checks are carried out. May that be daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, that is something for FIFA and medical experts to discuss but no matter how often it is checked, it is something that has to be changed.
Again, our thoughts are with Piermario’s family, friends,  team mates and everyone involved in the game.

By Simon Bienkowski
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