Hello Timothy. First things first. Your dad is Johan Mjällby. Just what was it like growing up with your dad playing for your country and winning league titles?

Timothy: Thought it was fun and that, when I was younger but as older I got the less I started caring. I don’t really like to get compared to him. Its about what I can do.

Of course. Do you feel more encouraged as a young professional to go on to show people that you are a different player and person all together ?

Timothy: Ye people always compare me to him, so obviously I want to follow in his footsteps and try to become as good as him, and in general I’m not really like him, on the pitch or off it.

Well let’s hope that you are more successful!
Celtic’s youth academy is held in high regard around the world, which
shows through the ‘Next Gen Series’ invites. As a club , Celtic have produced many great players like McManus, Kennedy, McGeady, Maloney and more recently James Forrest & Charlie Mulgrew. Is there anyone in the youth academy (apart from yourself) that we should be watching out for in the coming seasons?

Celtic U19s line up v Man City in the Next Gen invitational Series

Timothy: Everyone to be honest. They are all good players, every single one in the pro academy and they work hard to achieve the best they can do. You cant really judge someone at the age of 16-17 if they’re gonna be successful. Thats what i think anyway.

Good point.
Now. It is rather obvious through your Twitter and Facebook that Celtic is a club that you hold closely to your heart. Compared to other clubs that you support, like AIK, how does this compare and why is Celtic so special?
Timothy: The fans, that’s it. Most of them are supportive and want you to do well.

The fans make Celtic special

Who is your all time footballing hero?
Timothy: Tough one. I’ve got 3
Henrik Larsson, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo    

That would be some front 3. Is there anyone in the current first team that you admire?

Timothy: Ye I like Kayal!
Good guy and a great player. His tackling, passing, and desire is unreal!

It sure is.Finally, when will we get to see you at Paradise making your first team appearance?

Timothy: Soon hopefully. It is my dream!

Well we all can’t wait too see a Kayal/Messi/Ronaldo/Larsson by the name Timothy Mjallby.
Timothy, it’s been a pleasure.

Timothy: Same take care

Timothy Mjallby has shown he is a young, determined professional and we here at The Scotch Corner Football Podcast, hope he makes it!
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