On the 3rd of January, approximately 10 days ago (as I write this) an article appeared on the website/blog of former English Premier League referee Jeff Winter which contained words of a very sectarian anti-catholic nature, specifically aimed at SPL club Celtic and their fans.

As you can see from that extract the post is not shy in it’s use of sectarian abuse, many top journalists including Gabriele Marcotti quickly suggested the site had been hacked, this was quickly countered by people suggesting Winter had previous. You can find a collection of media material attributed to the former referee here, although I personally can’t vouch for it’s validity.

Most news outlets are currently reporting that an investigation is under way by Scottish police and hopefully it will be resolved soon. In the meantime Winter’s website has been taken down and he and his people remain quiet, I hope for his sake the outcome is that the site was hacked, because if not he may want to lock himself away in a cupboard and rethink the way he conducts himself and appraise his own mind.

The person(s) responsible for the post could be prosecuted under the Communications Act. The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening ­Communications Bill, which could be passed at a hearing in March.

The official verdict will no doubt appear in due course and I’m sure much more will be said on the matter by many people including possibly ourselves in the next podcast which should be out towards the end of next week, until then I will say no more on the subject and refrain from any kind of negativity as whoever is responsible for the posts, whether it be Winter or some uneducated delinquent is a sorry excuse for a human being and should be dealt with accordingly.

By Mark McInnes

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