The British Heart Foundation have chosen Vincent Peter Jones as the face of their new advertising campaign to promote safe administration of CPR on an unconscious individual. have said:

The British Heart Foundation is urging people to forget “mouth-to-mouth” and to concentrate on chest compressions when performing CPR.

“Hands-only CPR” has previously been supported by the Resuscitation Council (UK).

But it is now being promoted in a new advertising campaign featuring footballer-turned-actor Vinnie Jones.

New polling by the BHF suggests many feel worried about the idea of giving the “kiss of life”.

The official position of the BHF is now that anyone who does not have CPR training should ignore the kiss of life in favour of hard and fast compressions in the centre of the chest.

Glad to see Vinnie doing his bit, even if the video has been portrayed as a tad homophobic by a lot of peeps around t’interweb, I found it educational though and would definitely be more inclined to provide this kind of help on a fallen individual, what about you guys?

by Mark McInnes

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