Celtic winger James Forrest has become the second player to declare he would like to play for Team GB. Steven Naismith is the other in what seems like a soom to blossom list.

The Scottish national team failed to capitalise on the multiple opportunites to qualify last year with stumbles against Lithuania away and failing to beat Czech Republic after Levien over estimated his opponents. So after such an unlucky campaign which saw Scotland score 3 goals against the best international team in the world over 180 minutes,you cannot blame the players for wanting any opportunity to succeed on a national stage. Let’s take for example, the second player to publicly claim he would like to play for Team GB despite the strict stance of the SFA against it. Forrest exploded on the scene in 2010 when Neil Lennon was care-taker manager at the end of what was a horrible season which despite lots of alcohol consumption, is still imprinted in my memory. Forrest played a handful of games and seemed to impress although, even Lennon & Thompson with their beer bellies would improve that team. It was in the Emirates Cup hosted by Arsenal which Forrest caught the eye of the media and played phenomenally against Lyon & Arsenal. Forrest saw his team lose the league on the last day by one point and saw his national team miss qualification in agonizing fashion. So for Forrest , it is easy to accept the reasons why he will want to play amongst the english & welsh to better his chances of at least being in a cup run. International football for us Scots is not like it is for the Englands, the Spains, or even the French. Their players play for their national team with pride as it as almost a Champions League for national teams and its just another way to be successful in their career.

However, we don’t make the group stages. Scotland is like the team in the Champions League qualification round that you always see but they never make the actual tournament (celtic and rangers trolololol-aye funny). So in my opinion, instead of combining Celtic, Arsenal & Cardiff to better chances of glory, I’d rather my players played for their national team and did so with pride.

So should we stick by the SFA, whom we all love and constantly get everything right, and demand that our players play for Scotland and that is how it stays.After all our national team’s failure to deliver at the vital times is what gives us so much pride, being good & shit at the same time. Or should we allow our players to go and have an affair with the Welsh & English and then come back with their quarter final Olympics love bites and then create fall out after fall out when we fail to qualify again?

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By Simon Bienkowski

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